“My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call ‘education of the heart.”

-Dalai Lama


Om Schooled’s aim is to share more high-quality yoga with children, teens, and in schools. Om Schooled does this by training yoga teachers, classroom educators and any interested adults to teach highly organized and fun yoga lessons that are age appropriate and inspired, aligned with state and national PE standards. We also advocate bringing yoga breaks into the academic classroom, to further learning and plant lifelong seeds of wellness.  We aim for lessons that are both joyful and rigorous, planting seeds of love for yoga early on.  Om Schooled is also the name of a book for teachers and those interested in kids’ yoga!

How are we different? Om Schooled trainings (& book) grew out of years of experience teaching yoga full time to kids and teens in NYC public, charter, and private schools and studios. We teach teachers to create lesson plans and curriculums that are comprehensive and innovative, share complete teaching toolboxes and take lots of time to practice teach. We learn together!  Om Schooled has now trained teachers world-wide.

We believe yoga makes life better and to share tools of exercising the body, focusing the mind, and using the breath to feel more balanced, children can lead happier, healthier lives. And happier kids leads to a more peaceful, joyful, healthful future world. (plus, yoga is pretty fun :) ��)



Om Schooled was created by Sarah Herrington, a yogi and writer living and downdogging in New York City. After experiencing the heart-expanding, health-enriching, creativity-increasing benefits of yoga and meditation practice herself, Sarah began to teach yoga to kids in New York City public and charter schools full-time. She found herself in the rare position of being employed as a full-time yoga teacher, holding a role much like a music or gym teacher, for one innovative charter school.  (20-25 kids classes a week, reaching over 200 yogis under the age of 12)  She also began teaching in studios and privately.  Through experience, Sarah learned what worked and didn’t work in the classroom, and developed a curriculum with lesson plans aligned with PE standards which addressed the whole student, body, mind and spirit. She worked with students of various backgrounds, learning styles and physical and mental abilities. After seeing the positive effects of sharing yoga with kids (increased test scores, increased self-esteem, more balanced healthful bodies, tools for releasing stress, learning how to get along with others and the world around you…) Sarah began training other teachers to share yoga with kids in schools and studios. Sarah now leads Om Schooled teacher trainings in New York, California, DC, Florida and wherever there are interested yogis and educators.  Whether leading a full yoga class for kids, a �������yoga break” in an academic classroom, or sharing one or two tools with a child, yoga can turn a kids’ day, and path, around.


Sarah Herrington, Facilitator/Author – BIO

  ��                 ����                     ����             ������           ��                 ��            The short-version:

Sarah Herrington is a leader in kids/teen yoga and author living in NYC. She has taught kids yoga classes for years in NYC public and charter schools as well as studios, working with a year-long yoga curriculum she created.  Her book about teaching kids’ yoga,����Om Schooled, has been praised by Sharon Ganon, Marsha Wenig and others as an invaluable resource for how to teach yoga successfully to youth, particularly those in schools. She has also written books for adult yogis (Essential Yoga and the new Idiot’s Guide to Yoga).  Also a creative writer, her work has appeared in the New York Times, Writer’s Digest, San Francisco Chronicle, O the Oprah Magazine, and she is the author of Always Moving: Poems.  She leads Om Schooled teacher trainings nationwide, with a home base in NYC. ��She is a graduate of New York University and has trained with studios coast to coast from Laughing Lotus to Yoga to the People.





The long-story (and first person!):

I didn’t even like my first yoga class, but luckily I went back because it ended up changing my life.

How? Yoga helped me to heal from an injured back and a broken heart. It reminded me to practice putting my heart above my head in life. It encouraged me to learn self care, to know my true limits and to know when I could go further than what I told myself. Yoga helped me to hear my intuition. For me, yoga is a spiritual practice, a call and response with the universe, a way to stay tethered to center. Its a way to drop stress, clear the mind, be strong in a giving kind of way. Yoga is a laboratory for learning, about self, life, others. I’m constantly being schooled in the Om, by the Om. I love to learn, and yoga teaches me so much. What better topic to share in schools and with youth? What if we learned some of this as kids?

Teaching yoga to kids is so joyful. I can see kids benefiting from yoga before my eyes. Its fun. It makes you feel good.  It gives you tools for getting to know yourself, dealing with stress, staying healthy and focused in a world that often encourages the opposite. It can help you learn to focus on school work, learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

Now I love sharing kids yoga tools with other yoga teachers, classroom educators, and anyone interested in youth yoga.

To find out more about Sarah, visit: http://www.sarahherrington.com
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 .from the heart!.