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Want to study with OM Schooled but can’t get to NYC, California or one of our training spots?  There are two options:

1) our Daily OM workshop (for the basics)  or

2) our complete online certification (to become a certified kids yoga teacher). *stay tuned!  new age groups and online courses coming 2014!*

Look below for an informal video on the two options, and read through descriptions here. As always, email with any questions!



1)  By-Donation Online Workshop: Learn how to share yoga with kids in an 8-week, by donation course, offered in partnership with Daily OM.  While not a certification, this will arm you with tons of tools through readings and OMwork…so you can lead kids in yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  Perfect for yoga teachers, classroom teachers, therapists, and classroom educators looking to add some peace and optimize learning in the school day.






ONLINE from sarah nyc on Vimeo.

2)  Online Certification : Become certified from hOMe in an intensive yet fun 6 week course. We’re super excited to offer this!

The online certification is structured using a combination of media and homework to make the course as comparable to the “live” experience as possible.  Each week utilizes readings, audio/video components, hOMework, and Skype or phone sessions to guide you through all components of kids yoga.  This course is rigorous AND joyful.  With your kids yoga certification you’ll be able to teach in schools, studios, and private yoga classes with leadership, empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and fun.

You will both walk yourself through the course and work one-on-one with the teacher to learn in a way that is personalized and deep.  You should plan to devote 3 hours per week on the material, but whenever is convenient.

The online certification is $450, less than live sessions, but with the same material which will be forever at your fingertips. :)

Sessions are ONGOING in the New Year.  Join our international classroom. :)



Topics covered:

-what is yoga, why yoga for kids?  how to best communicate this with school administration, studio staff, etc?

-how to structure a yoga class for kids, considering setting and age

-classroom management and yoga

-breathwork and songs for kids, and why they matter

-sun salutations for kids, how to use kid energy wisely

-yoga poses for children, different ways to present/teach kids yoga poses

-styles of learning and developmental stages

-partner and group poses, games, and how to bring yoga philosophy into these areas

-relaxation and meditation

-lesson planning and curriculum development

-how teaching is a practice, too: ��finding your voice, practice teaching

-bringing creativity into your teaching practice


email: for more info and to apply  !