For Schools

OM Schooled Teacher Trainings are great for Yoga Teachers, Parents AND Classroom Teachers.

Why Yoga in Schools?

Yoga helps kids learn.  Yoga helps students (and teachers) reduce stress.

Just imagine:  taking ten minutes to breathe, balance and find inner space before diving into your lesson.  Imagine:  having students who know how to self-regulate to calm themselves down after recess or before a big state exam.  Imagine: even in the most crowded of schools and busiest of school days having tools for a clear mind.  Imagine: kids learning teamwork and introspection in the same brief activity.

Yoga is not frivolous.  It is as real, grounded and scientific as breath and bones. ��You do not have to be of a certain body type, learning style or temperament to benefit from yoga.  Yoga is not a religion. ����It is a system of exercise for the mind, body and breath that can improve life, and the school day.

See?  Even this famous yogi says so!…..

“Yoga is a scientific system that makes you the master of your senses Instead of being a slave to them.
Yoga is not just standing on your head, as many people think, but learning how to stand on your own two feet.
Yoga is not a religion. Yet it embraces all religions.
Yoga can teach the young the wisdom of age
and teach the old the secret of youth.
Yoga will introduce you to someone you might not know.
Your Self.”

~ Swami Satchidananda

One thing that’s special about OM Schooled trainings is they were developed in NYC public schools daily.  We know how stressful school can be!  And how big hearted, hardworking and intelligent teachers & students are.  You do not have to be a Swami to benefit from yoga, either.  You just have to want to try something different, yet ancient.

OM Schooled trainings are perfect for those working in the classroom wanting to make a real difference.  We’ve had music teachers graduate to bring breath work into singing, instrument lessons, and to aid stage fright.  Math teachers have incorporated movement with math (did you know there are “numbers in your body?”)  OM Schooled trainings are wonderful professional development.  You do not have to know how to stand on your head or the difference between Warrior 1 and 3 to take the training.  You just have to want to share mental, emotional and physical wellness with kids.

So How Exactly Does Yoga Help in Schools?

-yoga improves academic performance, physical health, student behavior and self esteem.

-yoga reduces feelings of frustration and aggression

-yoga is for every child regardless of physical, emotional or mental ability and has been shown especially helpful for special needs children

-yoga is a life-long exercise that is low-cost and requires no equipment other than the body and therefore works in the classroom and under tight budgets

-yoga can ease test anxiety, helps kids learn to concentrate and focus through practice and arms children with tools for regulating their own emotions, leading to healthier emotional lives

-yoga can help children dealing with mood disorders, eating disorders, and childhood obesity

-yoga helps kids learn to respect themselves and respect others

-while yoga serves the whole child (body, mind and spirit) it is not a religious exercise and therefore is for everyone. ��yoga is simply, and profoundly, about learning to breathe, move your body, get in touch with your emotions and thoughts, act with care and love to the world and those individuals around you.  it’s been shown that kids who practice yoga learn to think and breathe before they act, which in and of itself can drastically change a school environment.

-schools with yoga practices or programs deal with less interpersonal conflict, and children learn to manage their own emotions and practice getting along with all kinds of people in yoga class



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