Kids Yoga Classes! from sarah nyc on Vimeo.

For years I taught 5-7 yoga classes a day, 5 days a week at a NYC public school…with ( I hope ) a sense of both joy and rigor to classes.  Classes included poses, meditation, breathing exercises, discussion, Asana Art projects, journaling, teamwork-infused games, and more. ��The effects I witnessed were transformative, to students, whole families and communities.



Teen Yoga Opener: Creative Writing Prompt from sarah nyc on Vimeo.
Teen yoga classes can start with a Tune In that includes a Creative Writing prompt! In my experience, I like to work yoga, meditation and creativity into each teen class. Here is one example of a writing prompt for kids…Shopping for Images!

Yes! Deepak knows….”children can be our best teachers.” :)


Kripalu give props to Yoga in Schools~