“Sarah’s style of teaching children gives me confidence for practice with my own son. She offers creative, tangible methods and practices that both kids and adults will savor.”
-Elena Brower, Virayoga, The Art of Attention

“Om Schooled is an informative and helpful book for anyone who would like to teach yoga to children in the classroom. Reading this book makes me wish yoga were taught to children in all schools everywhere! A wonderful resource.”

-Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness


“I just wanted to thank you so very much for breathing a new light into my yoga. Its so inspiring to see someone build such a transformational curriculum. Thank you for reminding me of the wonders and powers of inspiring the youth.”
-San Francisco workshop participant

“As a teacher who is in constant professional development and classes for certification and Masters etc, I can tell you that practical, well-organized and meaningful trainings go a long way.”
-NYC Om Schooled teacher training participant

“When I am mad I go home and do yoga with peace music then I feel much better. The poses that you teach us are just amazing to my huge heart.”
-Sky, age 7, NYC public school student

“Om Schooled techniques are not just for yoga class!  I use Om Schooled yoga with my music students. I have found “kid pranayama��� and specifically Sarah’s “Relaxation Breath” technique to be very effective in helping my students deal with emotional issues, focus and concentration. The stretching and breathing gives them a chance to move their bodies and focus their minds. I highly recommend Om Schooled training for anyone teaching kids in any subject!”   -NYC Music Teacher and Yoga Instructor, Ren Collins

“What a great workshop! You are a natural teacher.  I feel empowered to teach the students at my kids’ school in the spring.”-Orlando, FL workshop participant

“Sarah’s intuitive and educational sensitivity to the fight, flight and plight of challenges in the inner city NY schools is a testimonial to her brilliance as a teacher.  Her passion and caring is evident.  She sincerely inspires her students with a combination of learning, enjoying, playing and hope for our next generations to find a road map for the  future … peace, joy, and a new sense of life with yoga in their lives.  Long may she and her students reign in making a difference in the world.����� -Marsha Wenig, Founder and president of YogaKids

“I had the opportunity to take this course recently and it was amazing!  I am a stay at home Mom who was looking to teach my two children the art of yoga.  Whether in the classroom, studio or your very own home,  Sarah teaches a lesson plan that is very��versatile and manageable.  My two girls ask everyday ”Can we do Yoga?”.   Highly recommend this course!”  -Ramona Trumbour, Forks Township, PA

“One student (8 y/o girl) told me on the first day of class that she once fainted in school because she got so overwhelmed during an argument. She said she was hoping yoga could help her breathe rather than faint!”
-shared by a recent Om Schooled Teacher Training Grad who is now teaching

“You taught me how to do crow and now I can do it with a ball between my feet.  I knew you for 2 years and your teaching inspired me so much that my uncle has a picture of me doing crow pose on his phone.  You have done a lot for us and you do it with a smile on your face and in a loving way.  I will never forget you!”  -Ashley, age 9, NYC public school student (this came to me in a hand colored note and made my day…or….year.)

-Rachel, age 6

-Lydia, age 5, NYC public school yogi